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Giugi Rebreather Diving in the Red Sea, by G. Catrambone
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The Careful Diver
Scuba Diving Lessons in
Aurora, CO and in the Florida Keys!

Giugi is a PADI and SDI/TDI Scuba Diving Instructor, available to teach children and adults in Aurora, CO, and The Keys, FL.​ Start your training close to home in Aurora, CO, and finish it in the Florida Keys, or do it all there. I can't wait to get you diving!


Giugi has been diving since 2000 and she has done so all over the world. She is certified by PADI to offer Discovery Scuba Dives as well as certify divers from Open Water through Divemaster. Let #TheCarefulDiver teach you scuba diving.


She is also an ANDI, TDI, and IANTD trimix rebreather diver. When she isn't teaching she is taking her rebreather into the depths of various water bodies.

If you are interested in getting certified or continuing your diving education, please email her.

Background photo by Greg Catrambone

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