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Scientist. Diver. Instructor.

Training, Gear & Trips
for the Adventurous
and TechniCurious

My Services

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  • Advanced Open Water

  • Deep

  • Nitrox

  • Rescue Diver

  • Divemaster 

  • Altitude

  • Drysuit

  • Open Water Diver


  • Deep

  • Advanced Nitrox

  • Wreck

  • Drysuit

  • Altitude

  • Wreck Penetration

  • Open Water

  • Advanced Open Water


  • First Aid

  • BLS

  • CPR

  • AED

  • O2 Deliver for Immersion Injuries

  • Neurological Exam

  • Muscular Exam

If you are here for the research stuff, click below. It's on the other company website.

Red_Sea_Gcatrambone_UW_May 16 2023_108.jpg


I dive to test the strength within. I dive because it brings me closer to the inescapable things that have shaped us in the broad sense, as an organism, and in the narrow sense as a people: physics, evolution, and our own natural limits. 

I dive because to stay focused when appropriately nervous builds resilience.


I have been diving since 2000. I am a trimix CCR diver and an instructor. I know, without a doubt, that growth happens in discomfort. I'd love to help you push beyond your current limits to see where that growth will take you.

Let's dive and see what lies within.




  • DFA Pro

  • SDI/TDI Open Water Instructor

  • SDI/TDI Advanced Nitrox

  • Bachelor’s Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, CU Boulder

  • LLM in Space, Cyber & Telecommunications Law, Univ. of Nebraska Law School

  • JSD in Space Law, Univ. of Nebraska Law School

  • Languages: French, English, Italian and Spanish

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