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Giugi diving in the Red Sea by G. Catrambone


Select which class you are looking to take. Let Giugi know which month and week you would like to take your classYou can complete your pool sessions with Giugi at the Wheatlands YMCA in Aurora, CO.


You can then go to any PADI-accredited center to finish your training or have Giugi meet you in the Keys, Florida. You can also do it all in the Keys!

Photo by Greg Catrambone

Scuba diving in the Florida Keys

Perfect for birthday parties or troop introduction to scuba diving, this event lasts 2 hour and is entirely pool-based. We provide all your equipment and let folks enjoy the basics of DSD.

OW Water Pool in Denver or Tavernier

Open Water Pool can take place in Aurora, CO, or in Key Largo, FL. We will then do your Open Water dives in the Florida Keys with Conch Republic Divers.

G. Carminati diving in the Red Sea by G. Catrambone

Advanced Open Water consists of five dives: a deep dive below 18m/60f, a navigation dive, and three specialty dives. Gain experience, build confidence and discover your diving abilities.


Nitrox reduces your risk o decompression sickness and nitrogen narcosis. A 4-hour class can let you access Nitrox or Enriched Air all over the world. Ask me when you can join us!

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